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"AKI" offers consulting and advertising services as a market specialist within the following industries:

For the love of beer.

A great taste that we help to serve.

Each and every beer contributes its own special character, which gives it its personal "circle of friends".

What all beers have in common? They are all special and were all brewed with passion. Behind all bier specialities are brewers who set out to inspire the world with their brews. They are all unified by their attitude to life, and this is the guarantee for unique and varied beer enjoyment. From its location in Kempen, Germany, AKI supports medium-sized breweries from the Rhineland, which appreciate the short distance to their marketing agency and the personal networking.

AKI brings people and brands with good taste together.

Chemistry is just what goes bang and stinks and what no one understands? No, chemistry is much more! And we live it and love it! What would we do without chemistry? …

It deals with all atomic and molecular processes and reactions, synthesises entirely new substances, researches and measures energy conversions during chemical reactions using complex instruments, or uses state-of-the-art physical methods to explore the spatial structure of molecules. Chemistry is all around us: The entirety of nature consists of a network of chemical processes.

AKI enjoys the trust of the chemical industry because we have an understanding of products that require explanation. We serve companies in B2B and B2C business both nationally and internationally, in the East and the West.

In the chemical fields of

  • Paints & lacquers
  • Agriculture
  • Textiles
  • Health

Renewable energies - the most important source of power in Germany and its expansion form one of the central pillars of the energy transition.

Wind and solar energy are the most important renewable energy carriers. Apart from these, biomass and hydropower make a valuable contribution to a sustainable energy supply. Climate change doesn't wait - but we wait for you.

We bring you the energy of the future for woman and man alike. Besides their greater energy efficiency, renewable energy sources are regarded as the most important pillar of a sustainable energy policy and of the energy transition.

True passion is the marketing for system houses and IT companies. Perfectionism in the IT infrastructure is something to be marketed? We'll show you how! Well-functioning structures are part of our everyday work life and something we love in our national and international activities alike.

With the emergence of broadband communication, more and more companies are allowing their employees or customers real-time Internet access to various databases.

If you are responsible for customer acquisition, partner acquisition or marketing, you'll have to pose the question of how you can better sell or market your products or services.

Do you know your potential customers?
Who needs your product or service?
What are the typical characteristics of your circle of customers?
What is the ideal customer profile?
Who urgently needs your products? Who cannot do without your product or service?

We are here to help you and provide answers to your questions that you need to make a perfect appearance.

Marketing to immerse yourself in. Whether in the enjoyment of chocolate or fresh coffee. We enjoy… not only our work!

Nutritional value and satiation? "Nice to have"! But for us, the focus is on pure taste.

Taste is a must in every respect. In comparison to our other senses, the sense of taste is rather weak and simply structured. Nevertheless, it can make a big impact. In cooperation with the other senses, it is capable of igniting a symphony of delights.

Taste is generated 80% from the sense of smell.
We have the right nose for your business – and that 100%! Try out and enjoy AKI-Kommunikation for yourself!

New automatic income, target income and efficiency through telework …

Virtual personal assistants, ways to improve effectiveness, training and seminars …

Our personal experiences paired with economic objectives actually achieved permit us to show you the better way.

The rule for true productivity: Less is more.

Employees generally work 8 hours per day - regardless of what you do.

But is it possible that the tasks performed require exactly 8 hours every time? No. Time is not a good indicator for productivity.

There are different methods and workplace designs that result in an increase in the productivity of employees. We would like to show you these – on our premises or on yours.

We love our work and are very proud of it. In the following, you will find information about the industries that we serve. Each project is unique and meaningful in its own way. Would you like to find out more about individual projects? Feel free to call us or come by for a coffee!

We offer consulting and support throughout the world for medium-size companies and manufacturers in the areas mentioned above.

For reasons related to competition policy, we cannot mention any names here, but would be happy to give you further details and information in a personal talk.

For a submission of a desired list of references, we kindly request that you to contact us.

30 years of expertise

5670 cups of coffee per year

111 satisfied customers

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