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Social commitment is a fixed part of our corporate culture.

We are firmly convinced that sport is an important part of our society and that it connects people on both a national and an international level. That's why we are gratified about our business partnership with the football club FC St. Pauli in Hamburg.

FC St.Pauli

Freundeskreis Burkina Faso is another association we belong to. We support impoverished and starving children. We invest our heart and soul into this and never tire of getting involved. Giving zest for life and a home to children and affording them a sense of joy in everyday things – that's what we promote. We have 4 sponsored children between 3 and 18 years old.

We, as a Kempen-based company, make our contribution to ensure that families, residents and visitors of the city of Kempen can enjoy the festive lighting in the Advent season. We give our support with shining stars in the city centre. (Market of Stars Campaign)

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