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Corporate identity

Corporate identity or corporate image, "CI" in abbreviation short, refers to all the different features which shape how the company is portrayed and make it stand out from other companies.

It is highly important to consider how a company is perceived by and should be perceived by the outside world. On this basis, an image - a uniform identity - should be defined for the company. A clear and distinct CI to achieve recognition value on the market so that the company can differentiate itself from its competitors.

Whenever people hear "corporate identity", they probably think of logos, letterheads and business cards – and all that is definitely part of it. Corporate design consists of the things that are typically associated with the visual identity of a company, including logos and slogans, colours and fonts, office materials, flyers, web design, social media, and much more. It describes who you are as a company. It therefore encompasses not only the elements of corporate design, but also the culture and the values of a company and how it communicates internally and externally.
But corporate identity is more than just design.

The values and the culture of your company are essential factors in shaping a corporate identity.

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