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Market research

We start from the beginning with you!
Giving you insight into the market, available products, and services, as well as information about the competition and the potential for your company, your ideas.

We provide valuable insights for an effective decision-making process.
Market research is a "people business".

We have a multidisciplinary and multilingual market research team that researches the intricacies of different social and cultural characteristics of human behaviour with great empathy and sensitivity.

Our ability to collect meaningful insights garners us the trust of customers and partners worldwide and will always sustain our competitive edge.
For us, market research is not a goal unto itself, but rather the beginning of something big. Market knowledge is decisive for making reliable decisions in the areas of corporate development, marketing and sales.

AKI-Kommunikation listens to you! And it works with you to define a clear market research objective and the application of required research methods to reach your objective.

30 years of expertise

5670 cups of coffee per year

111 satisfied customers

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