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Keep an eye on the market, with the final goal in mind to the marketing concept

Today, marketing decision-makers have to bear a wide variety of different perspectives in mind. Markets and target groups are changing increasingly fast, the time to act is becoming increasingly short. At the same time, there are more and more channels and media used for communication and more and more possibilities to acquire data from the dialogue between the brand and the customer.

And all this in the tightest possible coordination with the sales structure: When is a lead "ripe" for transfer to Sales? What insights about customer contact can be gained from there? Are the campaigns ultimately worthwhile? How does one manage to lose as little information from the interfaces as possible?

This list of factors has an influence on cooperation with agencies. The often-cited "colourful pictures" have long become inadequate for the definition of marketing activities.

AKI regards itself as a partner of the sales and marketing operations of its customers. With a sustainable consulting process, with workshops, analyses and our entire industry and channel expertise, we work with you to develop a strategic approach that makes your company more successful in a measurable way.

Planning and control

The important components of marketing planning include:

  • the specification of marketing objectives
  • the definition of strategic dimensions at the strategic level,
  • the use of individual marketing instruments in line with objectives and strategies at the mixed operational level

Like a road map, all the elements are joined together for you at the start within an integrated marketing concept. In comparison to the marketing concept, marketing planning is more concrete and specific and points the way towards an exact procedure.

But how do you ascertain whether the marketing was actually successful for your company? Marketing control and the key figures it employs allow successes or failures to be highlighted. The road map must then be adjusted where necessary on the basis of these findings. We want to keep our eye on all this for you!

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