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PRO BONO - What do we offer?

PRO BONO - What do we offer?

PRO-BONO (from Latin pro bono publico = for the benefit of the public) stands for competence-based, remuneration-free commitment to the common good.

We asked ourselves how we can create added value for society - our idea was “PRO-BONO”. Of course, donations to clubs and organizations would also help, but just as valuable and perhaps more effective is the support in the areas of marketing and communication. In the social profit area in particular, understandable arguments are the most important thing to convince a potential supporter group to stand up for their own vision of a better world and to support this version.

Many well-known projects grow on the basis of small ideas through the help of clear and strong communication work to large, influential projects.

In order to support your organization out of conviction for the good cause, we offer PROBONO work in the areas of marketing - communication and consulting.

Marketing / Communications

  • Analyzes
  • Strategic consulting
  • Feedback to online presence
  • Marketing and communication plan
  • Press relations
  • Texts
  • Design

30 years of expertise

5670 cups of coffee per year

111 satisfied customers

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