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Gobal learning - chat of the worlds

With the pro bono project “Global Learning” we support Hadiatu Fofanah, a speaker and educational ambassador who lives in Germany and grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

 “Global learning” is a program by BtE (education meets development). BtE networks and supports over 1,400 civil society organizations, groups and committed people in North Rhine-Westphalia. With the aim of sustainable development in global responsibility, the network realizes educational projects, exhibitions, campaigns, training courses, networking offers, international volunteer services and special offers for young people in the areas of global learning, fair trade, environmental protection and compliance with human rights.
This pro bono project aims to bring two different worlds from the Global South and the Global North together - in Hadiatu’s case Africa and Germany.

AKI – KOMMUNIKATION supports Hadiatu Fofanah with a communication concept, corporate design and the creation of a flyer. With this, Hadiatu Fofanah can professionally convince the first contacts made by AKI – KOMMUNIKATION in different schools, win them over and pass on the message of the global commitment to schoolchildren.

As we attach great importance to the topic of sustainability and global engagement, it was a matter of the heart for us to be able to help in this area and will support further projects in this direction. Our goal is to contribute more and more to a change in awareness in Germany towards responsible and sustainable shaping of globalization.

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