Recruiting Generation Z

Recruiting Gen Z



The Gap between applications and training places

Many companies complain about difficulties in filling apprenticeship positions. The reason for this is that the number of applicants has now fallen below the number of vacancies.

Therefore, the “Generation Z” (born between 1995 and 2009) is currently in the spotlight of the recruiting process. They were born with a cell phone in their right hand and are considered "digital natives". They have grown up with the latest technology and have a very different attitude and idea about work than earlier generations.

For this reason, it is very important for companies to adapt their recruiting strategies to address this generation and attract employees for the company in the long term.


Gen Z deeply connected to social media

Generation Z is very comfortable with technology and spends a lot of their free time on social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and, Co. It is essential that companies strengthen their social media presence and increase their reach. Job portals also remain a common tool in the search for jobs and job openings. In contrast, job listings in newspapers are not very effective for this generation.


Gen Z shows new values

The values and preferences of Generation Z differ significantly from those of the previous generation. For many, flexibility is of considerable value and the "work-life balance" is a personal focus. In view of this, companies should expand working conditions to include remote models and flexible scheduling in order to meet the needs of their potential applicants.




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Gen Z has changed needs

The goal-oriented members of Generation Z usually have precise ideas when they apply to a company. For example, Gen Z attaches great importance to an appealing working environment, a pleasant working atmosphere, and varied areas of responsibility. Interaction also plays a major role: individual, respectful, and personal interaction with flat hierarchies promotes the working atmosphere and increases the chances that applicants will choose a company.


Gen Z needs transparency and clarity

Overwhelmed by the inexhaustible information provided by the Internet and social media, Gen Z is more often affected by a certain inability to make decisions than other generations. Companies should therefore provide clear and transparent information to give applicants time to make their decision so that they do not feel under pressure.


Gen Z under pressure

The constant pressure to perform is also a topic of Generation Z. This has a permanent and constant effect on them and is triggered by their environment and, above all, by social media. Gen Z is driven by thoughts about the "perfect course” of their own lives and professional lives with countless opportunities. Comparisons with young people all over the world through social media are available around the clock. This pressure can be resolved by companies through coaching or mentoring programs. Encouraging networking among trainees also relieves the pressure.


In conclusion...

It can be said that companies should refresh their strategies and, if possible, adapt them to our current times in order to successfully recruit from Generation Z. The most important thing is to know the generation's values and ideas and align them with the company's capabilities. In addition, technological opportunities should be used, such as social media platforms, to attract the generation's attention. Companies that take these things into account and at the same time offer attractive opportunities and working conditions have a very good chance of finding and attracting talented and suitable applicants.





Article written by: MLS - 27.04.23

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